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Maori Kowhaiwhai Rakau Earrings

Maori Kowhaiwhai Rakau Earrings

Maori Kowhaiwhai Rakau Earrings.

Measurements: 80mm drop


3 Different Maori kowhaiwhai design


Kōwhai Ngutukākā - It represents the flowers of the kākā beak plant. Ngutukākā is indicative of the beak of a kākā, a native bird to New Zealand.


Puhoro - The puhoro pattern is a split koru. It can represent speed, swiftness and agility in Māori culture. In other depictions, the puhoro can be representative of storms and tempestuous situations


Double Koru (Manawa Koru) - One Koru can represent a person and the other Koru can represent another person or the Whanau/family. The two Koru coming together shows their lives coming together in love, friendship and harmony for life.


Materials: Rakau (wood) applied design with stainless steel hooks

*After first pair,$10 additional per pair

Please choose with care as per our policy * *  (for hygiene reasons)we can not accept any returns,exchanges or refunds on Earrings unless deemed faulty.

    GST Included
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